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Bathroom Design and Storage

Bathroom design

Dynamic Bathroom Design

When designing your new bathroom the team at Prestige Design Joinery will be your one-stop bathroom planner focused on; you and your family needs and how you use your bathroom. Our aim is to enhance the practicality and ambience of your new bathroom by considering use and storage space requirements. When your bathroom functions properly it will provide you with improved efficiency and plenty of storage space. Our aim is to ensure your new bathroom is not only practical but beautiful, easy to clean and that your new bathroom renovation will meet all your requirements.

Planning Your New Bathroom

A well designed, new bathroom starts by first laying out the individual functions to assess ease of use. These bathroom considerations include:

  • Showering/Bathing
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Hair styling and Make-up
  • Mobility
  • Wheelchair access if required.

Planning Sufficient Bathroom Storage Space

Before we start designing your new bathroom we ask you to determine how much storage space you will need for all you stored items.

  • Do you wish to store towels and other bathroom linen inside the bathroom?
  • Do you have hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons you need to store when still hot?
  • Do you have special bathroom items, such as candles, you like to display?
  • Do you need a separate storage space or draw for each member of the family?

Bathroom Design Tips

To compliment our bathroom design process, consider the following bathroom design tips to help your get the most functionality out of; and be satisfied your new bathroom.

  • Avoid shelves in lower cabinets: the use of shelves in highly used base cabinets is poor ergonomic design.
  • Drawers or deep pullouts: on base cabinets enable you to see and easily access the desired item quickly and comfortably.
  • Consider fully extending drawers: fully extending drawers offers an added bonus with regards to comfort and accessibility offering better visibility and access of items to the back of the drawers.
  • Consider Heat safe surfaces: these are great for placing hot hair styling equipment.

Your Ideas Come to Life

At Prestige Design Joinery we will take your ideas for your bathroom and provide you with a complete design service including full 3D drawings of your project. Our latest drawing technology will work its magic on your design by bringing your joinery plans to life with the best photo-realistic software Microvellum taking the guesswork out of planning your perfect bathroom. Through this great new technology you will clearly see your design in full colour; you will have the opportunity to make any adjustments you feel appropriate and you will feel confident that your project is ready to approve for manufacture.

Ideas and Products Showroom

To make selecting the finishes to your new reception counter easy our premise at Rutherford (near Maitland NSW) is a new state of the art facility with a large showroom and extensive selections room where you will see a wide range of products on display. With our expert guidance it will be easy for you to choose the new finishes to your project.